Semantics scope of blockquote

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XHTML 2.0 doesn't define the semantics scope of blockquote element.

* Test Case

# partial XHTML 2.0 Test case for blockquote scope
<h>Collection of famous quotes</h>
<p>We collected quotes from different pages</p>

<blockquote cite="">
       <h>Title in the text</h>
       <p>Here some text</p>

# end of test

* Discussion

The inner 'section' in the blockquote element doesn't have the same  
value than the section outside of blockquote element. Then they do  
not belong to the same semantics structure. Why it is important? For  
two main reasons (at least)
	1. You may want to analyze the semantics of a Web page and define  
algorithm for outline and structure.
	2. You may want to style sections inside blockquote and outside  
blockquote in a different way. (Yes there is a discussion going on  
www-style which is slightly related.)

Some opinions?

PS: The semantics model of elements in a global HTML is sometimes  

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