Re: Number, Date, Time, Quantity

Peter Krantz wrote:
> On 9/7/06, Lachlan Hunt <> wrote:
>> How is that better than simply writing this?
>>    The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, will today travel to...
> You don't want to force content to be changed just to be machine
> readable.

Exactly!  If that sentence appeared in a news paper article, which was 
made available online, it would appear like that.  It should need to be 
altered for the online version to use <span content="Tony Blair">Prime 

> In your sentence above, it is still difficult for a machine
> to map "Tony Blair" to "Prime Minister" without using some sort of
> natural language processing which isn't an option for most languages.

But what use case is there for a computer needing to determine from a 
sentence like that, that the "Prime Minister" is Tony Blair?  It would 
be quite clear to a human reading that in an article of some sort that 
Tony Blair is the Prime Minister without any additional markup.

Lachlan Hunt

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