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Re: Problem in publishing multilingual HTML document on web in UTF-8 encoding

From: आशीष शुक्ला \ <wahjava@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 17:34:20 +0530
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Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> आशीष शुक्ला "Wah Java !!" wrote:
> > So, the problem I encountered is similar to the above problem, where
> > I'm hosting a website on a webserver, where I don't have any right to
> > influence HTTP headers.
> Many people assume they have no control over the HTTP headers, but in
> reality, it's often just a matter of not knowing how to do so.  If your
> host is using Apache, you can very likely change the headers using a
> .htaccess file.  Look up AddDefaultCharset or AddCharset directives in
> the Apache docs.  If you're not using Apache, look up the documentation
> for whatever server you are using.

This means just trying to do this for each and every webserver your
document will served from. This seems to be a work around not a

> If you really have no control over the HTTP headers, than complain to
> your host and/or switch to a better provider.  In any case, this thread
> is getting way off-topic for www-html.

Sorry for this thread getting off-topic, but I think this is error in
HTML specification. If UA
(user agent), finds a "Content-Type" in <meta> tag in HTML document,
it should use that to identify the document's character encoding,
because it is a part of the document. The server's reply should only
be considered when document doesn't explicitly states its character

And plus this also simplifies this whole problem, as document author
has already mentioned document's character encoding, which UA can use
to render document properly, irrespective of what server has sent. And
so, it means less pain for document author.

Ashish Shukla
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