Re: longcode and longquote instead of blockcode and blockquote

Orion Adrian wrote:

>Is there any reason <code> doesn't assume preformatting? I've never
>seen code that doesn't require preformatting to be readable.
It is used inline code and not for code examples as a whole. I have 
never had the need to preserve spaces, and I use <code> *a lot*. 
Preserving spaces and newlines is used for the purpose of indenting and 
formatting code to be more readable, and those arguments do not apply to 
inline content.

Preformatting on <code> would actually be very bothersome (it already is 
in <pre>) because I can’t let my XML editor automatically format 
preformatted items. It is relatively easy to skip pre blocks, but not 
being able to format entire paragraphs for fear it e.g. inserts line 
breaks inside <code> elements... No please :).

By the way, it is only a default - you can always change the behavior 
with CSS, if you so desire.


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