Re: No current option to keep page from history.

There's already a way to do this. <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" 
content="no-store"> is the equivalent of the HTTP header "Cache-Control: 
no-store", which tells a browser it must not store any part of the page 
or the request they sent the Web server to get it. Though I haven't 
tested browser support for this, Mozilla and Netscape 7 will not store a 
"Cache-Control: no-store" page either in history or in the disk cache.

Please don't use this. You'll burden their browser and your Web server 
both with many additional reloads of the same Web pages. Even if you 
prevent your website from being listed in a browser's history, you can't 
clear the records of the Web searches that led them to your site.

Better to just remind your readers of the danger of abusive spouses 
checking their browsing history, with a link to instructions on clearing 
the history and cache in the major browsers.

Dale wrote:

> Would it be possible for the designers (programmers or whatever) of 
> HTML tags to add an extra tag? One that prevents a page being listed 
> in the history of a browser. <NOHISTORY> for example. 

[ ... ]

> My wife has a yet unpublished web page for victims of domestic 
> violence, ... Her clients could visit the page but since all pages are 
> held in the browser's history, it makes it dangerous for them since 
> their partner may find out.

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