Spacing in Html and XSL conversion to other formatting docs: Suggestion

Hey i been frusterated by how formatting is very limited in our 'X-ed' out 
languages... everyone seems to tell me its not needed or there is something 
simliar in XSL-FO at least but i dont think so... this is my suggestion but 
u may say its dumb and i wont be offended :)

Was wondering what u guys thought about an xHTML element that can be used 
like this to make our documents more standardized

<xhtml:formatting type="space" number="100">
would basically stand for
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; etc... 100 times

<xhtml:formatting type="tab" characters-per-value="3" number="5"> = 15 
'spaces' or 5 tabs (3 chars each tab)

<xhtml:formatting type="newline" number="2">  = 2 returns

and it would be soooo nice if XSL had a element like this so when we are 
transforming files and trying to format them correctly... we can just do 
something similar to above (different namespace of course, xsl:) ; much 
easier than <xsl:text>
</xsl:text> for a newline. or <xsl:text>               <xsl:text> for 15 
spaces (easier to change and we would know our formatting without counting 

XSL-FO should have an element like this for formatting PDF's.

BAD idea? Good idea?

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Received on Wednesday, 28 January 2004 10:24:59 UTC