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On Wed 14-Jan-2004 at 11:43:50AM +0100, Jeroen Budts wrote:
> I don't understand the meaning of the @profile attribute? What is
> it used for? I read the explaination of it in the HTML 4.01 spec
> but I do not understand it very well.

Well it hasn't been used all that much... Another example if it's
use is the RSS scraper used with the W3C home page:

  XHTML Profiles for

> I have seen people who use XFN that used the xfn metadata profile
> url as a value for the profile and i've seen people using Dublin
> Core for meta tags en using the url of dublin core as value of
> profile, but what if you use both of them?

If you are doing HTML then as far as I can remember the spec says
that profile="" takes a space seperated list so you can put both.

I _think_ that the XHTML spec only allows one value for the
profile="" attribute :-(

> <link rel="schema.DC" href="" />
> What is the exact meaning/purpose of this link tag?

It's explained in section 2.7 Namespace and profile considerations

Hope this helps...


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