Re: HTML Multiclassing for CSS

> It already does, although it is broken in some
> browsers, and some common authoring tools also
generate multiple
> classes as though they were one class with a name
> spaces.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the useless request.

> If you are really complaining about the W3C DOM not
allowing easy 
> manipulation of this construct, you are on the wrong
> list.  Also note that classes are not specific to
CSS (and CSS has
> its own list); a document can enhance its semantics
with classes without
> any author provided style sheet or DOM manipulation.

The DOM is fine; I was just unaware that the class
property was a list.
"Class" as opposed to "classes" certainly sounds
singular, and I haven't seen
multiclassing in practice.

> > <li classes="nav-item,active">Section 2</li>

> This should be (assuming "-" is allowed, which I
haven't checked):

The hyphen is allowed, although the commonly-used
underscore is not.

Thanks to all who responded. The question that remains
is, how wide is support
for "class" as a list? It works for me on Mozilla 1.5,
Opera 7, IE 6/Win, but
do any of the browsers that aren't completely out of
circulation yet (earlier
IEs and Netscapes) support this?

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Received on Thursday, 8 January 2004 17:02:19 UTC