Howto modify one iframe from other iframe

Hi :

I have the this situation :

I have a html page, that has two iframes, named List and Result.

I need that a form located in the html of List IFrame use as target frame Result IFrame.

How i cant do that ?

Example :

<IFRAME nome="List" src="List.html" width="100%" hspace="0" vspace="0" height="150px"></IFRAME>

<IFRAME nome="Result" src="Result.html" width="100%" hspace="0" vspace="0" height="250px"></IFRAME>

List.html has a Form :

<form target="Result" name="ListForm" method="get" action="Result.html">


In this way the page open a new window with Result.html.

Alejadnro Michelin Salomon

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