Visual Data Synthesis

Dear All,

I would like to introduce you to a new and promising
approach in translation of information stored in
relational databases into visual format.

The Visual Data Synthesis Technology, named D-MAP, is
HTTP protocol based technology that allows to create
image marixes, or maps, every pixel of which may be
represented by an independent, "live" object.

Created image, albeit it may look like a regular GIF
or JPG, is represented by an aggregation of
independently created and property-and-event-assigned
objects that due to inherent advantages of HTTP
protocol may be derived from physically different

D-MAP is 100% web based, meaning that any number of
clients with Web browsers may access a system that
presents an up-to-date geographical map with live
update and history timeline of news events,
infrastructure development, demographic, political,
ecological and/or any other information supplied by
third parties. Advanced information indexing system
ensures quick data retrieval and cross-reference
querying. API facilities for independent application
development are provided as well.

Complete D-MAP whitepaper is available at

Please note that this is not an advertisement and/or
solicitation of any kind. The author is busy devising
technical specs of the system components and commiting
ideas to paper. Any feedback on system potential and
its feasibility is welcome.

Kind Regards to All,
Sergei Sheinin 

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Received on Tuesday, 6 January 2004 09:52:29 UTC