Re: Validating extended XHTML

"Anne van Kesteren" <> wrote in message
> Jan Egil Kristiansen wrote:
>> I'd like a DOCTYPE to make it possible to validate XHTML with well-formed 
>> extensions from any other namespace.
>> See

That's not possible unless you write a DTD for the combination you want, 
using the modularisation of XHTML, it's almost certainly too complicated.

> Why would you need this? When you are sending XHTML with the proper MIME
> type the browser can give you feedback.

Which browser contains a validating XML parser?

> Furthermore, I guess DTDs won't have much of a feature within XML.

DTD's are a perfectly reasonably feature of XML, certainly you'll need 
things like NRL to be useful in mixed namespace systems, but they still have 
their place.


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