Re: GUI recommendations

Do you want a new (and general) GUI standard or do you want a definition how
HTML is generally displayed?

If you want a new GUI standard, then I have to announce that there (IMO)
even exists a kind of 'semi' standard for interfaces... see the almost common
ways they are structured (browser similarity, or navigation elements even by
first offering an OK button, then Cancel). And that is a low to priorize
problem, I guess, because there are more difficulties how these (semi) standards
are annulled (e.g. by creating pop-up windows without a navigation or status
bar, by dying scrollbars via IE offered styles, or by using Flash disabling the
browser Back button or not offering a page search -- these are AFAIK some
GUI standards). -- See remarks to this topic at Jakob Nielsen's site

If you want a definition how HTML is generally displayed, see the W3
recommendations. And looking for downwards compatible markup you (almost) already
get it by the HTML4.01- and XHTML1.1- standards... XHTML2 won't offer you this
opportunity anymore (IMO needed to really improve it).

Best regards,
 Jens Meiert.

> I know HTML is not defining a standard for GUI browsing, such as tooltips,
> frames, windows, and other such GUI standards. Perhaps, though, a
> recommendation for displaying HTML in a GUI environment in a way still
> compatible and degradeable with textual browsers could be defined to
> remove
> ambiguity and help people make degradeable pages.

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