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You broke your own convention by using capital letters in your signature.

Peter Foti

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><p><sentence>congratulations to the <proper><acronym
>seperator="none">html</acronym> working group</proper>
>for abstracting the typographic convention of italic
>text</sentence> <sentence>but they have not gone far
>enough</sentence> <sentence>it is unfortunate that
>computers for so long have had the power to mix case
>and use punctuation</sentence> <sentence>this was a
>priority of course because this form of markup is
>extremely important</sentence> <sentence>but that just
>means that the semantic of this kind of markup should
>be made more explicit</sentence> <sentence>thus
>propose the banning of capital letters and punctuation
>marks</sentence> <sentence><phrase>no doubt this will
>cause some complaints</phrase> but seperation of
>meaning from presentation is the holy
><signature><proper>Brock Filer</proper></signature>
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