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David Woolley wrote:

>>A good XHTML 1.1 valid way for embeding flash/java/etc object is by 
>>using a template sort of like this. (This is a minimal way)
>This whole thread is off topic.  ("how to" and "browser specifics").
>>That will work on IE, Netscape and Mozilla. Use the data attribute not code.
>There is no code attribute, and that was true of HTML 4.01 as well
>(the question was based on the false premise that code had been removed;
>it only ever existed for applet elements).  It seems fairly clear to me
>from the narrative and some explicit examples that the specification
>intended that classid should be used.  However the whole implementation
>of object is a mess, but this is not the place to discuss it.  Moreover,
>HTML has nothing to say about the semantics of particular param elements,
>making solutions based on param even more off topic.
>Also IE doesn't support XHMTL 1.1.  See the many discussions about the 
>application/xml+xhtml media type, which is required for everything except
>HTML and, as second best, for XHTML 1.0.
You're right. Internet Explorer does not and might never support XHTML 
1.1 or 2.
If you use the text/html media type then you can serve XHTML 1.1 pages. 
I don't like doing that but I have to for some pages.
For XHTML 1.1 pages that you decide to let IE users see then you might 
as well let them see objects as well. It is true that XHTML 1.1 has 
nothing to say about param elements but if you use <param 
src="path/file.class" /> it is valid and will also work on the big bad 
wolf IE.
You don't have to use any <param/> elements for browsers which support 
XHTML 1.1.
Looking at the XHTML 2 working draft it looks like instead of <param 
src="path/file.class" /> you would so the same thing using code like 
this. <param name="src" value="path/file.class" valuetype="data" />
Am I right or wrong? I think that the <param/> element is a little hard 
to understand because of no defined values for name="".
It's says the name can be anything that is known or understood by the 
object handler. So then how do we find out what in known by the 
QuickTime plugin or flash plugin or even browser? (I assume that the 
plugin/browser is the handler)
We are supposed to be setting the standards right?

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