Re: kelvSYC's Thoughts on the new XHTML Draft

At 12:40 -0700 2003-05-10, Tantek Çelik wrote:
>  > Consider displaying a meaningful
>  > outline of a document that mixes h and h1...h6 for example.
>There is nothing stopping authors from confusing themselves if they really
>want to.
>I don't believe XHTML2 recommends mixing the two heading models.  I don't
>think anyone would recommend that.
>Perhaps h1...h6 should be in a separate historical headings module to help
>distinguish the two models (and indicate direction).

Question: How do you built a validator on top of that?

so you'll have an HTML profile
	for XNTS (eXtensible New Tag Soup) where only h1 to h6 validates
and one for XSSW (eXtensible Strict Semantics Wanabees) where only h 
is authorized?

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