Re: XHTML 2.0 to contain long element names

> I've always hated how many of the HTML elements had such short element 
> names, such as p, b, i, tr, td, th, br (etc...)

I beg to differ, but -- why? Using WYSIWYG editors (bah) this should be
irrelevant for you, writing your own source this should be easier for you. Only a
theorician IMO tends to imply problems in cases where no real problems
exist. YMMV.

> It would be cool if they were a bit longer, such as <paragraph/> 
> <bold/> <italic/> <cell/> (For <table/>) (etc...)

For presentation there are CSS (so use them instead of <b /> or <i />), so
your approach matches on table elements, paragraphs etc. -- In my opinion, the
current usage und naming of elements (in nearly every case) is good, and
using acronyms instead of words only seems reasonable for me.

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Received on Monday, 12 May 2003 02:21:57 UTC