Site doesn't work in AOL

We cannot seem to get our site to work consistently in AOL. If you visit or, it give the Web
Site Not Responding error. However, if you visit
the page immediately displays, but when you click on the link leading
you to the shopping cart,, you once again
receive the WSNR error. The only difference that I can see is that we
have the w3c 4.01 on the Main Recipe In Bag Page which is not made with
the shopping cart program we use, Comersus <http://www,> ,
but is a stand alone page. We tried to place the 4.01 code in the cart,
but it will not accept it. The cart developer says it is AOL's problem
and not theirs.
Could you please help me with resolving this problem?
Thank you so much for any help and your consideration.
Brandee Carpenter
Internet Consultant <> 
PH: 408-445-8536
FX:  408-264-2128
Email: <> 

Received on Tuesday, 29 July 2003 18:57:47 UTC