Incorrect example in Appendix B.3 of XHTML Print

Hello HTML editors,

Here is a comment to the last call draft for XHTML Print.

At 6:28 PM +0200 03.7.24, Steven Pemberton wrote:

Jon Ferraiolo of SVG WG found out that the example in Appendix
B.3 looks strange since the two instances of 'object' element have
the sample value for 'id' attribute in a single XML document.

<object declare="declare"
     height="20 mm" width="20 mm"
     id="image_1" >

. . . .

<object id="image_1"
     data=" . . . ">

I believe the example is not correct. Also, I think the choice of this
particular example is not appropriate because we don't need to use
the case for 'object' element with 'declare' attributes in order to
show how we can include inline image data in XHTML-Print by using
data URI scheme.

I would like to suggest to replace this example by simpler ones such
as the following:

<object height="20 mm" width="20 mm" type="image/jpeg"
     data=" . . . ">
     Example Image


<img height="20 mm" width="20 mm" alt="Example Image"
     src=" . . . " />

Jun Fujisawa

Received on Thursday, 24 July 2003 23:50:49 UTC