Re: table type/class=layout (was: RE: [#293] Summary for tables)

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 12:01:26PM -0400, Jewett, Jim J wrote:
| I will submit a patch to plucker (an offline web reader) the 
| first time I notice this on even a single site that I regularly 
| pluck.  It won't take much longer for proxomitron rulesets.   
| I suspect that AvantGo, iSilo, and Opera's smallscreen mode
| would also support it fairly quickly, if it starts to show up
| in a fair number of pages.

Except it would barely show up at all, because most of the people who
would care enough to use title="layout" (or whatever) are already
using CSS for layout.

I don't think any such code meaning "this table is for layout"
should be introduced, as it only legitimises the use of tables
for layout, which is a semantic nightmare.

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