Re: missing columns attribute in select element

Am Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2003 16.27 schrieben Sie:
> Hi Simon,
> Part of the problem could be that you spelled "width" wrong.  You can set
> the width as follows:
:-) luckily not in the real source.

> <html>
>       width: 150px;
Well, I know this works. But the problem is, that px doesn't scale with the 
text size. If you have a look at the textarea element, you'll see that the 
width attribute is used to specify the width relative to chars. From the 
html401 spec of textarea:
	cols: This attribute specifies the visible width in average character widths.

Is there any way to do something similar with the select field?

> Hope this helps.
Not realy, but thanx anyway:-)

> Regards,
> Peter Foti
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> >Hi all
> >
> >(Please CC me, I'm not on the list)
> >
> >I have the problem that I have to specify the size of a
> >dropdown field. I know
> >that I can use the size attribute to set the number of rows.
> >But I can't find
> >a way to set the width of the input field.
> >I'm currently using a style attribute containing 'with=XXem',
> >but that gives
> >not exactly the result I'm aiming for.
> >
> >Well, first of all, does anyone know how to achieve my goal?
> >Using a div...?
> >
> >Second, I'd realy like to see two things:
> >- HTML should allow a textarea like column attribute to
> >dropdown fields.
> >- CSS should have not only a character hight unit (em), but
> >also a character
> >width one.
> >
> >Well, I just did a small search on the list for this and
> >didn't came up with
> >something. So I don't know wether this was already a topic...
> >
> >Thanx
> >Simon Huerlimann

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