Re: Question on start of ASP pages with XHTML


I presume you are concerned about sending XHTML out to the browser,
right?  If so, remember that the <%@ Language="VBScript" %> directive is
never sent to the browser (and yes, directives MUST be on the first
line).  If you want to have server-side XHTML files, you will want to
consider moving to ASP.NET.


On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 00:39:59 -0400, "Jeremiah Barndt"
<> said:
> Okay, well I develop my sites with ASP, and I want to use XHTML as well,
> and since it has to be very properly done, how should you set up an ASP
> page? Usually, at the top of an ASP page, your suppose to declare the
> language your using: i.e. <%@ Language="VBScript" %>. If it's not at the
> first line, you'll get an error.
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