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Just to weigh-in on the AltText discussion - I don't want to start a holy war like is going on in Mozilla's Bugzilla - but, I think for HTML3.2, displaying ALT text was entirely reasonable. It was a sensible interpretation of the standards in the absence of the title attribute. Much of the Web was written in HTML3.2 and below, and so it is reasonable of any browser, including IE, to assume that a page with no DTD pointer is written for one of these older standards. The functionality regarding tooltips of AltText is, therefore, valid.

The title attribute does however replace exactly this extended functionality of AltText with the explicit intent of preventing tooltipping of AltText due to its bastardization by most authors. I assume this is the real reason so many people hate IE with respect to this feature. I absolutely agree any page deemed to be HTML4.0 or any subsequent standard should not be displaying AltText as a tooltip.

-Chris "SoopahMan" Moschini

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> I have always been under the impression that the tooltip
> behavior in Internet Explorer is incorrect.

Good. It is. :)

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