xhtml strict - how to have caption below table and caption text with smaller font size

To whom it may concern,

In recent Mozilla and MSIE browsers, having a table with
<caption align="bottom" style="font-weight:bold"><small>Building blocks 
to improve mail privacy</small></caption>
displays how I want it, however it doesn't validate as xhtml strict.
1) How to do the same in valid xhtml?
2) What is the right place to find such answers without bothering a 
mailing list?
3) How could I also improve on the "small" tag? I would rather use 
something like style="font-size-adjust: -2;" - is it the browsers why 
this didn't work?
4) How would I take all this out of the document inline style and put it 
into a CSS stylesheet?

Many thanks for any hints!


Pls respond to me also by e-mail since I am not subscribed to this list.

Received on Monday, 21 October 2002 07:02:16 UTC