Re: FW: OL needs the start attribute

Peter Foti (PeterF):

> Bertilo Wennergren:
> > Philip TAYLOR [PC336/H-XP]: 

> > > > I agree. If the numbering is considered critical to the
> > > > understanding of the document, then it is content.
> > > /Prima facie/, I agree;  but how then would you propose marking
> > > up such a list?
> > In XHTML as it is now there is no other option than to use "ul", and
> > take care of the numbering yourself.
> I disagree.  I think the <table> option is the better solution because
> <ul> implies that there is no ordering.

Yes, you can use a table. But that kind of underlines how useless "ol"
is. For really ordered lists we have to use "table" instead.

One small detail: If you have a "ul" or a "ol" you can use stylesheets
to suggest _inline_ presentation. That is not very common, but it can be
done, and sometimes it might be appropriate. With tasteful coloring etc.
you can still maintain the list character. But something like that can
hardly be done with a "list" that has been marked up as a table. There
are probably other presentational details that can only be achieved if a
list is marked up as an actual list.

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Received on Thursday, 17 October 2002 15:48:15 UTC