Re: XHTML2 lists

Einar Westermann:

> Would not this be simpler?

> <dl>
>   <dt>java
>     <dd>1. An island</dd>
>     <dd>2. A kind of coffee</dd>
>     <dd>3. A programming language</dd>
>   </dt>
>   <dt>blah
>     <dd>description of blah</dd>
>   </dt>
> </dl>

Actually there can be cases, where there are several terms sharing one
definition. The above scheme can't handle such cases very gracefully. We
need something like this:

      <dd>Yada yada yada</dd>
      <dd>Bada bada bada</dd>

Bertilo Wennergren <> <>

Received on Thursday, 3 October 2002 06:54:54 UTC