Re: XHTML2 lists

Curtis C. Hovey:

> On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 15:06, Liorean wrote:
>> There a thing about the definition lists that I think you should correct, 
> ...
>> the latest heading tag. That behavior would be semantically more correct if 
>> you instead had a definition container of some sort for each set of dt with 
>> corresponding dd(s).

>> Example:
>> <dl>
>>    <def>
>>      <dt>java</dt>
>>      <dd>1. An island</dd>
>>      <dd>2. A kind of coffee</dd>
>>      <dd>3. A programming language</dd>
>>    <def>
>>    <def>
>>      <dt>blah</dt>
>>      <dd>description of blah</dd>
>>    </def>
>> </dl>

> This syntax is much clearer that in the draft.  I think XHTML 2.0 should
> use Liorean's proposal.

I agree. Jukka Korpela has made an excellent analysis about definitions
and how they can be marked up in HTML:


What Jukka has to say there should be taken into consideration.

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