Re: XFrames - Resurrected Zombies? (was: Comments on HLink)

Christoph Päper <>:
> > I don't see the point where this whole thing is better for search
> > engines. If they wanted, they could have followed the values of the
> > src attributes of the frame elements already as if they were hrefs
> > of as. Some may do so, dunno.

"Ian Hickson" <>:
> I agree with this... I don't see how XFrames particularly help with
> search engines really. It does make it easier for them to return
> results to framesets, but that seems to be all.

"That's all"? That's already quite a lot. Search engines cannot currently
return pages in the context that they are designed in. So you get a page
with a lot of context missing. XFrames allows them to return the page in the
context you would normally see it in.

It doesn't help search engines *find* results, it helps them *return* them.

Steven Pemberton

Received on Tuesday, 1 October 2002 04:51:01 UTC