Re: Vertical analogue to table-header-group

But I *have* designated columns, with the <colgroup> and <col> elements. 

I feel that being able to display large tables by fixing horizontal and vertical headers should be a built-in capability of HTML/CSS--there is no other way to present documnents such as train schedules without this mechanism.

Can anyone suggest how we can go about adding this capability to the next versions of XHTML and CSS?

> At 08:20 PM 5/4/02 -0700, Peter Sheerin wrote:
> >I'd like a table to behave just as an Excell spreadsheet does when you 
> >lock headers on the left and right, so that large tables can still be 
> >understood.
> >
> >Look at 
> >
> You probably cannot accomplish this with HTML unless you are willing to go 
> to extremes. The problem is that html makes you format your table using 
> cells inside of rows, rather than allowing you to put cells inside of 
> columns.

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