Re: iframes and

>I am not sure about problem it is just that netscape doesn't support 
>iframes whatsoever so if you are trying to make your web site cross browser 
>compatible then you will not be able to use iframes. Netscape use layers to 
>give the feeling of iframes.

[mwu-> but NS 6 does support iframes AND discontinues support of the bastard 
<layer> tag. <-mwu]

>...but the same effect can be achieved using tables instead of frames

[mwu-> that's the thing though; the exact same thing can't be done with 
tables or layers or objects or anything because none of these can be 
targeted and none can be changed without the entire page changing as well.  
i don't really have a problem with entire pages changing, but i do with not 
being able to change one part and not another without the use of scripting.  
say i have an expanding and collapsing table of contents in one section of 
the page and content in another.  how can i easily code this in html without 
frames?  nothing else can really achieve precisely the same effect.  i 
understand that most people who use frames use them for all the wrong 
reasons, but tables are often used incorrectly too, and they still made it 
into the strict DTD.  i just need clarification on why frames are apparently 
being slowly phased out of HTML and what developers will be able to use to 
do frame-like things. <-mwu]

                                                  &#8226; mjumbe &#8226;

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Received on Monday, 26 March 2001 21:08:12 UTC