Re: XHTML 2.0 -- A Chance to Improve Document Structure?

>From: Dave Hodder <>
>Subject: XHTML 2.0 -- A Chance to Improve Document Structure?
>Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 21:53:40 +0000
>Here, then, are some ideas I would like to bounce off you all.  They are
>my thoughts on a new way of structuring headings and sections in XHTML.
>What would happen if <hN> elements were replaced with <sectN> elements,
>and the role of the existing XHTML <title> element expanded to also
>cover section titles?

one could just as easily separate their sections with <div>s.  for example:

    <div class="section1" id="food">
      <p>In this section I discuss my favorite foods.</p>
      <div class="section2" id="cheese">
        <p>I adore my cheeses.</p>


>Alternative solution -- a single <sect> or <section> element could be
>used instead of the various <sectN> elements; it could be recursive
>to allow it to be nested to any level desired.

however i do think that this solution is not a bad idea.

>As a third and final example, <sectN> elements could be added whilst
>preserving <hN> elements; a <hN> element would only be type-valid when
>within a same-level section.  This would have the benefit of preserving
>backwards compatibility with older user agents:
>Any thoughts?

i have yet another solution.  it's basically a modification of dave's second 
solution.  the <sect> or <section> or otherwise appropriately named tags, 
nested one inside of the other, would by default increment N, the level of 
the section, but also have a parameter ('level' or something, and 
'section-level' for CSS) that allowed the designer/programmer/whoever to 
override the <section>'s default level.  for example:

    <section id="food">                 <!-- level #1 section -->
      <p>In this section I discuss my favorite foods.</p>
      <section id="cheese>              <!-- level #2 section -->
        <p>I adore many cheeses.</p>
        <section id="cheshire">         <!-- level #3 section -->
          <title>Cheshire Cheese</title>
          <p>Very nice, and one of England's oldest cheeses.</p>
        <section id="edam" level="2">   <!-- level #2 (cause the designer 
said so) -->
          <title>Edam Cheese</title>
          <p>A truly excellent savoury cheese from Holland.</p>
      <section id="potato">             <!-- level #2 (by default nesting 
order) -->
        <p>This is another food I'm enthusiastic about.</p>


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