RE: Coordination of script in XHTML, SVG, and XSLT 1.1 (aka RDDL as a delivery vehicle...)

on the basis that Navigator 4 barfs if a linked-javascript file (that
doesn't end in '.js') isn't MIME encoded application/x-javascript, I thought
there already was a (defacto) standard for at least one of the types
(That's not the only place that MIME type is used, IIS and (i thought)
Apache use application/x-javascript as the mimetype for javascript files as

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> From: Elliotte Rusty Harold []
> This is not as big a problem as you make out. Although standard types 
> like text/javascript or application/vbscript would be a win, there 
> are multiple options:
> 1. Start an RFC to define these types ourselves.
> 2. Use vendor types like application/vnd.w3c.javascript
> 3. Use x-types like x-script/x-javascript

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