HTTP protocole and POST method

Depending on the platform that is being used, the data coming from a FORM
field pass or do not pass; or a better way of putting it, I'm able to
receive data using POST method (coming from a <INPUT> or other field),
depending on the platform that the browser is running on.
Is there some difference on how POST data are being sent by Netscape
browser depending on the platform?...
For instance: I receive data from IE4 on windows, and Netscape 4.x on
linux, but nothing arrives when using netscape on windows. (with the same
codes on the server side of course): I'm baffled.
This is what I thought to be independent of whatever platform is used:
when an HTTP request is sent from a browser, 3 things go: 

* 1 line of request (with the method, the url, and protocole version) 

* bunch of info concerning browser version, OS, language, content_length,

* Data coming from fields when using POST           

This is the last one that I seem to receive only depending on the platform
I'm running the browser from. I have hard time to accept that the
protocole is dependent on the platform... I must be missing something
trivial. I have no problem when GET is used, since I'm then concerned
about only the 2 first things (mentioned above) coming through (and
therefore I'm able to catch any variable passed through the URL with ? or
Is there some settings on the client sides that I'm missing? Anyone has
any ideas? or has encountered this problem? Aloha,

Received on Thursday, 8 March 2001 21:01:10 UTC