Re: Coordination of script in XHTML, SVG, and XSLT 1.1 (aka RDDL as a delivery vehicle...)

* Curt Arnold wrote:
>Maybe we could at least informally collect the requirements:
>1. Must be usable in XHTML, SVG and XSLT

It isn't IMO clear that xsl:script will make it into the recommandation,
see the petition at
(which is currently unsignable, bcc to the page administrator).

Current implementations use a type attribute to identify the used
language. This attribute takes a valid MIME type. One major problem is,
that _there are no MIME types_ registered for common scripting
languages. I tried to change that and contacted several entities asking
for help. I had no success:

  ECMAScript => ECMA      => no reply
  JavaScript => Netscape  => no reply
  JScript    => Microsoft => no reply
  VBScript   => Microsoft => no reply

I raised this issue on some W3C mailing lists, Chris Lilley (W3C) agreed
that this is a problem and also mailed ECMA, but I assume he didn't get
any reply, too.

Finally, I emailed the Web Standards Project; they are not interestend
neither feel responsible to do anything about it.

With this in mind, the approach

>5. Behavior may be identified with a namespace URI

of defining namespace URIs won't be successful. Further, this isn't
sufficient. The Web requires MIME types for HTTP transactions; with
respect to intelligent content negotiation the named entities still have
to follow RFC 2048 ( and register
MIME types for the named scripting languages.
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