Frames in WebTV (was RE: NOFRAMES)

Richard Taylor:
RT> IE 3.0+ support frames and NN 2.x+ support frames.
RT> 58.6% = MSIE 5.x and up
RT> 28.8% = MSIE 4.x
RT> 17.5% = Netscape 4.x
RT> 1.4% = MSIE 3
RT> 1% = Netscape 3
RT> .7% = MSIE 2
RT> .02% = Netscape 2
RT> .02% = Opera 3

Hm, those StatMarket figures add up to 108.04%. I suspect you've made a typo
somewhere. If not, some browsers are getting counted in more than one

Dave Woolley writes:
DJW> 	They are only weakly supported by Amaya (W3C), Lynx,
DJW> 	amd WebTV.  Web TV *is* signficant in the USA.

The WebTV User-Agent: line includes "MSIE 2.0". I suspect nearly all of the
.7% share in the StatMarket statistics above is WebTV.

WebTV tries to approximate frames using tables. This means that on WebTV,
among other side effects, scrolling down causes all the 'frames' to scroll
like part of a single document.

Received on Tuesday, 30 May 2000 14:44:49 UTC