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>#Yes. iCab does not yet support JavaScript, though they're working on it.
>#And of course Lynx (my preferred browser) supports neither JavaScript nor
>I don't know the iCab browser and if it should be concidered "significant"
>[by wich I don't mean if the browser is any good or not but if it is so
>commonly used that I should take note of it while designing a web-document]
>Can you tell me more about the iCab browser?

It's very new -- I think it's at v1.9, although it's still a work in 
progress (I would call it 0.9, but hey). It's from Germany 
<>, and has a built-in HTML validator (a smiley 
frowns if too many HTML errors;).

>And what makes Lynx your preferred browser?

I never have to scroll horizontally, and it is FAST!


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