JHTML documents are Java-Server-Side Scripting. They can process different
commands, like in java script, before it is sent to you. ASP (active server
pages) is another example. ASP uses VisualBasic as its scripting language.

An example would be:
They use asp to include all the info about the page, including css, images,

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> Somewhere on the web I came across some 'JHTML' pages.
> Does anyone know what the abbriviation stands for and in what respect
> pages differ from regular HTML-pages?
> I also sometimes see URLs adressing an HTML-page that end with a query,
> when a CGI-script is adressed:
> Does this mean that it's possible to pass data among HTML-pages in some
> And what kind of data would that be?
> Thanks for your help
> Marco

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