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>Jan -
>Could you be a little more forthcoming?  It's not readily apparent to me how
>a paper on SGML Architectures relates to this XML implementation question.

In section 1.9 of his paper, Prof. Kimber discusses the possibility to
use multiple Architectures for a single document.

It struck me, from your question, that this might open up a possibility
for you to use your own xml DTD together with the HTML DTD and come up
with a mapping that would create an architectural instance of your
document that could be parsed and validated.

>How does it?

Well, you really want to read that paper to get the fine print of it

>Can you provide an example?

I'm working on something similar,
but it's not ready for the public yet, sorry :)

>What is the state of XML deployment wrt SGML Architectures?

The possibility to create, parse and validate architectural instances of
documents has been available in James Clarks SP package since 1996, i.e.
about one year before the SGML Architecture Mechanism became an ISO

Last generation user agents would read and present an Architectural
instance of a doc probably just as good as they would read the original
xml doc I guess. A bit of CSS help along the road would "decorate" that
presentation too.

Jan Roland Eriksson <>

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