Re: RE: Mac IE5 A:hover?

OK, I removed the CSS and JavaScript and have an example where IE5 still
shows a "link" also to the left of the actual link.

This example is at

It appears to happen when a table is wider than the linked image within
it, and this linked image is not against the left side of the table (but
is the first tag after the <TD>).

I checked and using
WIDTH and ALIGN (and VALIGN) for a TABLE and TD (respectively) is valid
(though I don't understand why HEIGHT for a TABLE is not valid, using it
in my example is the quickest way I've found for centering an object in
the middle of the user's browser). And I've experimented with different
combinations of these attributes to come to the conclusion above.

So either there is still something I'm doing wrong with my code to cause
this, or there is an IE5 bug (which might mean that doesn't have "full
HTML4.0 support").

I'm curious to what this means.


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Subject: RE: Mac IE5 A:hover?
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 05:59:31 -0500
From: Dave  J Woolley <>
To: "'Joe Kaczmarek'" <>

> Here is the code (sans head and closing body so this doesn't get sent as
	Yes, Microsoft knows best!!  (If it looks like HTML,
	it is HTML, even if the content-type says otherwise.)

> <TD WIDTH="50%"><FONT SIZE="1" FACE="geneva, arial, helvetica"
> COLOR="#999999">&copy; 2000. All Rights Reserved.</TD>
	This is deprecated HTML.

> <TD ALIGN="right" WIDTH="50%"><FONT SIZE="1" FACE="geneva, arial,
> helvetica"><A HREF="#" onMouseOver="window.status='Privacy Policy';
	This is a misuse of styles for side effects.

> return true" onMouseOut="window.status=''; return true">Privacy
> Policy</A></FONT></TD>
> </TR>
	Whilst these do represent real concerns for people
	commisioning web pages, your enquiry should be directed
	at the browser supplier, or their peer support forum,
	not a mailing list about the design and specification
	of standard HTML.

	Within the W3C context, this would be a style sheets
	issue, not an HTML one; i.e. should hover be extended
	to non-anchor elements.

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