Re: device upload update

Please do not abuse the inbox of the director with misinformed
'appeals' about W3C specifications. Mr. Salsman's complaint
regards the quality of implementations, not the quality
of W3C specifications:

James Salsman wrote:
> [...]  Nor
> is there any acknowledgement that basic microphone upload is
> only implemented on wintel-platform browsers, with inherently
> insecure binary plug-ins.

You are welcome to address your comments about the quality of HTML user
agent implementations to the suppliers/vendors of those implementations.

> If you want the W3C to take a position on device upload which will
> address these problems, requiring browser vendors who aspire to
> conform to W3C standards to implement device upload in a way that
> is both platform-independent and compatible with their own legacy
> implementations of simple file upload, then please reply to this
> message saying so.

I expect that such a reply will have no such effect. It will much
more likely just waste a lot of W3C staff time.

If you have substantive technical arguments about W3C specifications,
you're invited to make them in the www-html forum. But advocacy
about implementations is not welcome.

>  Please don't change the subject line; the
> reply-to header on this message should send your reply to Tim Berners-Lee,
> the W3C Director, who has final say in all W3C process appeals.

I do not see any W3C process to which an appeal would be relevant.


Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Wednesday, 15 March 2000 18:10:31 UTC