URL syntax for telephone numbers


I am not sure if this is the appropiate group to post this question to. If
it is not please direct me to to the correct forum. Thanks.

I have the telephone numbers of my contacts in a file. I display those
numbers in a web page as URLs. My goal is to be able to click on the link
for a telephone number and then have the computer dial it for me.

I am using a format similar to the following:

<URL:phone:+*82,+1%20212%20123%204567> to dial the number 1 212 123 4567
from within the US. Where the + means dial any access numbers required, *82
means disable call id information block, a comma "," means pause a few
seconds, and %20 is a space.

What I was wondering is there a published syntax for telephone numbers as
anchors I could follow.

As an aside I have been able to add the phone application protocol on my
macintosh using internet config helpers window (command 9) and link it to a
script. The script is in the beginning stages but it will hopefully parse
the information and send the appropiate information to an application that
can dial the number.

Mark Andrew Nassy, <URI:mailto:nassy@mac.com>

Received on Monday, 13 March 2000 07:21:13 UTC