RE: target attribute

> From:	Edward Barrow []
> Could someone explain to me why the target attribute is absent from the 
> xhtml 1.0 strict dtd, but not deprecated in the transitional dtd? I can 
	This was extensively discuessed on the list one or
	two months ago.

	It was removed because frames were removed in HTML 4.0 
	strict, and it was presumed that target was meaningless without
	frames (forcing new windows is a controversial subject, although
	there might be more sympathy for the special case of target="_top"
	(to undo damage done by a prior use of frames).

	The removal of frames, and the way it was done by changing the DTD
	without changing the narrative, is also controversial and why there
	was so much discussion on the topic.

Received on Thursday, 9 March 2000 06:48:47 UTC