Re: Unsubscribing


Thanks for your message:

> The reason I was initially hesitant to join this list was
> the noise level.  And for this reason I am unsubscribing.

I'm not insensitive to this concern; when the W3C publishes 
the list of issues considered flaws in the device upload 
spec, then I will take down the petition.  After the flaws 
have been addressed to the satisfaction of Dr. Pemberton, 
then I will ask the petition respondents to contact those 
companies producing browsers, leaving the www-html list alone.

However, your concern doesn't seem entirely genuine -- by my 
count there were more messages to www-html from Sunday-Wednesday 
of last week than there have been this week.  How long does 
it take you to delete a petition-related message?


Received on Thursday, 2 March 2000 17:47:21 UTC