Anyformat Uploads

Hi all,

The talk about microphones and uploading sounds pickles me.  The "accept"
attribute states that the mime types are separated by comma.  Would it be
something like "audio/mp3,audio/ra,audio/wav" ?  If so:

1- I suspect that the preferred format would be mp3, then ra, then wav,
right?.  Can the user choose the preferred format?

2- it's not specified where the sound comes from.  It could be a from a
pre-recorded file on a disk or from a microphone.  But the user would have
the option of choosing, right?  If my computer doesn't have a microphone (at
school for example), I then record my voice in a million dollar computer and
save it to disk use the file on disk.  Could the source be a URL?

At the same time, I'm trying to figure out how this Upload My Voice will be
used.  I assume that such a feature would be used in a <form> page.  The
user must fill out the input forms (including the audio, video, etc) and
then press the submit button.  Is this correct? Are there plans for
Real-Time uploading?

On an other hand, I'm also thinking of this feature for security measures:
Voice Authentication, Signature Authentication, Retinal Scan, etc.  But in
this case, I hope that we agree that on a Very Secure Web Application, the
Source of the Authentication shouldn't be from a file, but should be "LIVE".
In this case, the user shouldn't have the option of choosing the source and
the programmer could restrict the source to be "live".  How this "live"
option be restricted is another case, though.

Does this mean that the programmer can choose/restrict different
sources/devices?  Should then there be a Mime type (or something) for
specifying the Source of an information (keyboard, file, mouse, external

Lastly, how is this Accept attribute be related to Intel or non-Intel?  If a
web page uses PDF files, it's a Web Page Design issue, not platform issue.
If the Web Designer wants to include 100% of the population, then the Web
Designer makes sure that the formats of files sent/received are 100%
population safe.

Patrice Calvé
Hull, Québec, Canada

Received on Wednesday, 1 March 2000 16:49:27 UTC