Re: Posting without subscribing

On Tue, Feb 29, 2000 at 10:25:55PM -0500, Sue Sims wrote:
> It had been my understanding that individuals wishing to post messages
> to one of the www* mailing lists would first subscribe to that list,
> and only then be able to post to the list. With the recent onslaught
> of posts from individuals who are not subscribed to www-html, I assume
> that this requirement has been removed.
> Please reinstate it.

No, I don't think that has ever been the case.

In particular, many people change email addresses and don't take
care to update their subscriptions, and when they post from their
new addresses those messages need to be approved manually. (the
first time, at least.)

I do reject some messages if they're completely off-topic.
(e.g., "how do I...?" questions)

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