regular expressions for CGI input/env

Dear gentleman,

I respectfully request your help in order to obtain initial information
about the acceptable input for cgi script. I am writing code for CGI
input manipulation since i need information about what's is a valid data
to be passed and how is the proccess.

1. May some send me a regular expression of the caracter stream valid
for the input of a CGI program?
2. I known some caracters are encoded, like '#', '@', to its hexadecimal
number. Where can i obtain a list for all the encoded caracters ? Better
yet, which RFC(s) especify(ies) these standards ?

Thanks a lot for your time and cooperation.

PS: I don't really known if these is write place to request such a help,
so please, forgive me for any inconvience.

Received on Saturday, 30 December 2000 00:07:17 UTC