Re: The <HR> tag

Frank Tobin <> wrote:

> I've always wondered why <hr> is included in the XHTML spec, as it seems a
> highly presentational element, better replaced by a CSS border element or
> something.  Could someone provide some insight as to why it's in XHTML?

It depends on which version of XHTML you are talking about.  For
XHTML 1.0, it was because XHTML 1.0 was designed as a reformulation
of HTML 4, which included the hr element.  For XHTML family document
types based on XHTML modularization, it's up to document type designers
whether to include the Presentation Module.  For example, XHTML Basic
doesn't use the Presentation Module, so the hr element is not in
XHTML Basic.

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Received on Wednesday, 27 December 2000 06:01:09 UTC