Re: [Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-baker-xhtml-media-reg-00.txt]

From Section 5 "Recognizing XHTML Files":

:  XHTML Modularization provides a naming convention that conformant
:  document types must use that guarantees that the FPI of the doctype
:  contain the string "//DTD XHTML ". 

The phrase "FPI of the doctype" (besides being a neologism!) is
very misleading.   

Suggested change:

:  XHTML Modularization provides a naming convention by which a public
:  identifier for an external subset in the document type declaration
:  of a conforming document will contain the string "//DTD XHTML". 

Basically, XML public identifiers are not required to be FPIs; and
even when FPIs are mandated - by an application, say - the FPI in
question is that of a _declaration subset_, not a "document type".


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