OT apology and Sbjct Prfx WAS Re: pixel difference with IE and Ntscp

Sorry everybody spammed by my off topic post.  I will endeavour to look
more closely at which list such a plea for help is coming from.  The
responsibility is my own.

But perhaps I could make a suggestion, as a hardcore list-user and
list-owner (who should know better).  That would be to set this ListServ
to append a string to the subject line of all posts like "[www-html]".

This would allow list-junkies like myself, who are subscribed to about
20 different lists, to better and more easily identify the source list
of any post, and therefore make problems like my off topic response much
less likely.


Dan Miller wrote:
> > anybody can help me?
> > thanks and bye bye
> Hi Luca,
> Been there done that! ;)

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