RE: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! (was: RE: margin elements)

Marcelo Perrone wrote:
"Charles, I messed a little with some M's before netscape actually launched
and I got the exact oposite impressiom from yours. Remember when they came
with some example pages to show its performance? I was impressed with the
ability to parse nested tables! I thougth the final version had the same

"Have you tried it locally to see if this performance difference is due to
some download issue rather than parsing? Could you send me the HTML code
that makes this difference?"

It might be my system. I'm running Windows 2000 Advanced Server and it's a
little broken. I have trouble with several applications, not just NS 6, but
I'm afraid to mess with it right now because I haven't got time to reinstall
everything if I break it too badly (I've already broken W2K so badly --
twice -- that I had to wipe the hard drive and completely reinstall it).

If I can isolate the code, I'll send you a copy (or a URI).

Charles F. Munat,

Received on Friday, 15 December 2000 00:18:52 UTC