Re: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! (was: RE: margin element s)

From: "Daniel Hiester" <>
Date: Thu, Dec 14, 2000, 7:06 AM

> Daniel Koger said:
> "Furthermore, we should be educating Web users about the importance of
> standards compliance and encouraging them to switch to standards-compliant
> browsers, the best of which currently is Netscape 6."

Some might disagree with you there.  Standards-compliance is a good thing to
have, but it is not the only thing which makes a browser "the best".

> I respond:
> Heh. Sounds like a lot of the talk I used to hear way back when in the WSP
> list. Here's what I say: DON'T educate users about the importance of web
> standards,

Why not?  Pretty much every time a user asks me why a web page doesn't look
right, I tell them it's because the web page isn't standards compliant.

> Strong support for the w3c's specs is still in the "coming things"
> category,

Shipping since last March -

Now, if you mean "strong support across different browsers and platforms",
then yes, that could still be argued to be in the "coming things" category.

> Unfortunately, the question remains, when do we get to
> the point where we can finally use the w3c's specs?

Today.  I have yet to see real examples of why authors can't author w3c
standards compliant/valid content (marginheight/marginwidth and event
attributes excepted).


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